The ultimate moving guide

The ultimate moving guide

That’s it. You have definitely decided to make this huge, life-changing, mind-blowing step forward. Congratulations! Moving home is everything but easy and simple both emotionally and physically. Leaving everything you know and everyone you are close with to start new and to build your life from scratch requires a lot of bravery and gut. However, it is also relieving and exciting to allow yourself all these new experiences, meet new people and discover new places.

Before all of that happens, there is an enormous and overwhelming step that you have to take in order to make this new phase of your life great right from the start. From finding the right local movers for you, managing your paperwork, preparing a new home for move-in day, to finally packing the last box and saying locking the door of your old home there are many bigger or smaller tasks that you need to pay attention to in order to make your move as successful as it could possibly be.

It is not easy to stay on track and keep in mind everything there is to know, so we really think that having an ultimate moving guide that will cover the most important steps that you should take along the way will be quite helpful voila. After we had a discussion with our local movers, we are one of the best Dallas movers, and they shared with us how they would go through a moving process if they had to move their homes tomorrow. We discussed and compared opinions and tips from our local movers and finally came up with a moving checklist that should cover every step and every detail of your future relocation. 

If you are ready like we are, let’s jump straight into it.

Get organized and plan ahead

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Everything in life starts with a good plan, and even though it is good to sometimes just let it go and go with the flow, your moving is definitely not the right opportunity to test this mindset. Before you start looking for local movers, packing, thinking about who would be free to take care of your dogs on a moving day, etc. take a deep breath and remember that this is a huge task and there are many things that have to be done along the way and you need to have them all aligned and written down, Our local movers suggest that you try to create a moving folder dedicated to keeping track of all your documents, such as your moving checklist, timeline, paperwork, and invoices. By doing this, you will make sure that you really did everything in your power to avoid any moving mistake and finish this move in the most smooth and easy way.

Think about moving options - hiring local movers or moving on your own

As local movers, you can guess that our opinion on moving on your own and dealing with packing, heavy-lifting, disassembling and reassembling big pieces of furniture, looking for trucks and packing supplies, etc. is that it should most definitely be avoided as an option. However, there are many reasons people choose this option and end up with great relocation regardless of the fact that we, as local movers, think otherwise, and it is completely difficult to choose the option that works best for you. However, you should not make the final decision before you really explore your options.

Take some time and look for professional movers online, find the few potential local movers that you would like to work with, and schedule meetings with them. Not only that you might be surprised by how much easier the local move can be with their help, but you will also learn so many things about your future relocation if you, in the end, decide that moving on your own is the better option for you. Hiring local movers comes with many advantages, since they not only come to your home on a moving day to relocate all your items, but they make detailed plans, offer a variety of services, and can be your biggest allies in these struggling times if you allow them to. Explore thoroughly and choose wisely.


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This is something that you should start doing as soon as you are aware that you are going to move soon. Local movers consider decluttering one of the smartest things you can do to save time and money during your local move. Not only that you will have a lot faster, cheaper and simpler move, but you will be amazed how much better your new home looks with less stuff in it. Making the space for the new by getting rid of the old and unused is freeing in many ways. That is why our local movers always advise our clients to really take this step seriously and try to make the best decisions for themselves.

Start packing early

First, think about what your packing options are. Are you going to use the help of furniture movers, pack on your own by buying packing supplies and boxes, or try to save some money and take some risks by improvising and using the things you have around? Whatever option that you choose, find out when and how you should start doing it. Of course, the easiest way to pack is to have your local movers do it for you and save yourself all the trouble. However, if packing on your own is the option that works better for you then there is no such thing as starting too early and you should really start organizing. Packing and decluttering all at once might also be a great option since you would be killing two birds with one stone.

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Transfer your utilities

Even though we know that it is a lot more important to find the right local movers and to pack properly, don’t take these small steps for granted. Get in touch with your utility companies and set a date for having the utilities at your current home – electricity, water, gas, phone and Internet services, central heating – disconnected, and then reconnected at the new home. This will save you time and money but also help you have peace of mind knowing that when your local movers arrive at your new address and leave you there to unpack and arrange things around, you will be in a cozy, warm environment with everything you need rather than cold and in the dark because you haven’t thought about utilities in a timely manner.

Have your children and pets in mind

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One of the most difficult things to handle when your local movers arrive and the moving day takes its place is ensuring that your children and your pets are safe. It is very difficult for your local movers to work uninterruptedly when your kids and pets are running around the house. That is why, our local movers all agree that the best thing you can do to keep your children and kids safe and at the same time make your move as fast and easy as possible, is to have someone take care of them in some other place or in one room that is predicted for them.

Whether you choose to hire a nanny or to have your friends and family help, both options are much better than having them roam around freely and potentially getting hurt. 

Keep the essentials with you

Keep a box or two with all the essentials – fresh linen for each bed, toilet paper, hand towel, hand soap, paper plates, plastic cups, toiletries, medication, tissues, kitchen sponge, all-purpose cleaner, and a bottle opener/corkscrew! These are some things that you will need both during the moving day while your local movers pack and move everything and in the first couple of days until you unpack everything and have your items arranged well again.

Also, don’t forget the things such as clean clothes, your children’s and pets’ toys, blankets, books, and some most valuable items you own. It is always a good idea to have these things by your side just in case something goes wrong. And it is also a lot easier to have these things by your side than having to guess in which books your local movers packed something and go around dozens of boxes to find the things that you need.  

Change you address

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Just like our local movers believe it is quite important to have your utilities in mind and transfer them early, the same goes for the address change. Start changing your address, especially with the post office to ensure your mail forwards. Make a list of all the sites that store your contact information, and set a reminder to update your address after you move into your new place. As you update your address, don’t forget to cancel any services or memberships you won’t need after your move (gym memberships, lawn services, newspaper delivery, etc).

Some additional people to notify include: bank and credit card companies, insurance companies, your child’s school, medical providers, to transfer prescriptions and records, magazine subscriptions, apartment property management, etc. Make a list of all important people and businesses that need your new address and keep them all updated on the changes that you’ve made before your local movers arrive.

Prepare your new home

Nothing would spoil the experience of moving more than coming to a home that is not ready for move-in, that still needs renovation and cleaning, and it’s overall not a place you would like to call home. That is why you should have your new home in mind before your local movers start packing and moving your things since the moving day is already overwhelmed with the things you should do and preparing the new home is not on the list of things that you should do at this precise moment. However, making sure that everything is ready in advance will save you a lot of trouble.

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First, you will feel cozy and comfortable as soon as you step in, knowing that everything is polished and sparkling clean for you and your kids to spend time there safely. Second, when your local movers unload the moving trucks you can start arranging big pieces of furniture around rooms, since preparing the new home also means making plans for each room and making sure that they are big enough for the things that you plan to put in them. This will make the job for your local movers faster and easier, and the whole experience a lot less stressful and tiring for you. 

Organize Moving Day like a pro

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Having moved over who knows how many households until this day, Dallas movers really understand all too well the stresses and challenges that moving day can bring. So, whether you hire local movers, or decide to tackle moving home on your own, make sure that you don’t forget to do these things. First, give local movers a detailed tour of your home, giving clear moving instructions. Ensure there is adequate access for the moving truck and point out the access points. Verify the destination address and give your contact number to your local movers.

Make sure that ‘high priority’ boxes are easy to access, clearly marked, and that your local movers are aware of them so they can be loaded last and be the first off. Confirm that all your treasures have been loaded onto the moving truck, by marking off your inventory. Last but not least, as we mentioned, carry important items, such as jewelry and important documents yourself, and leave a note with a forwarding address for any mail or deliveries.

From planning an actual move to organizing the moving day, we hope that you have all the tips you need to feel prepared for your upcoming relocation. Moving Company Dallas is one of the best in the business and if you live in the area and are looking for Dallas movers, hiring our local movers would be the best decision you can take. Get in touch with our local movers today and let’s get this moving done together!

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