5 Easy Steps To Book A Moving Company!

5 Easy Steps To Book A Moving Company!

When you are in the middle of the process of finding movers, it can feel a bit overwhelming as there can be a lot of options for you to choose from. Searching for the best movers to handle your move can be tricky, as not every moving company offers the services you might be looking for and not every company delivers the exact service that they promise. But when you invest some time and energy into finding the best movers to trust your relocation with, you can save a lot of money and avoid potential scams that do happen from time to time. With the proper movers, you will receive a pleasant moving experience during which your relocation is handled in the exact way you envisioned it to be – and that is what you should be looking for in your potential moving company. Below you will find 5 tips on finding and booking your movers for the perfect moving experience.

1.      Ask for recommendations

You want to trust your upcoming move with movers that you can rely on, which is why it might be best to ask people you can trust for referrals. Family, friends, coworkers and local real estate agents can provide you with information regarding reliable moving companies in the area to handle your relocation, and asking them about their personal experience with movers is vital. Not every large moving corporation that is overpriced provides you with the perfect service they promise, and the cheapest movers can oftentimes represent a potential scam – which is exactly what you are trying to avoid. Companies that will ‘find movers for you’ should be skipped instantly, as well as suspiciously cheap movers – in addition to those that just sound shady and unsettling over the phone. You want to find movers that will provide you with a moving experience during which you can feel comfortable.

2.      Call around for quotes

Don’t hire the first movers you have called, even if everything sounds perfect over the phone. Especially if it’s your first time moving, call a few moving companies around for moving quotes, so you can sit and compare the prices and what you will be receiving from them for that price. Moving companies have different policies, each that might sound better to you. Some might charge you with a flat rate, and some might offer their services at an hourly rate. It is up to your moving needs and requirements – and finding the moving company that can accommodate them the best. By gathering at least 3 moving quotes, you will be able to compare these moving companies and find the best one to handle your relocation in a satisfactory manner.

3.      Compare and decide

Once you have gathered enough moving quotes, sit down and compare these offers and which company will offer the most for their price. You are looking for a reliable moving company that will respect your valuables and your entire relocation, and provide you with a moving service during which you can easily sit back and relax. You are looking for a moving company that is fully licensed and insured, as you don’t want to put your items in the hands of movers that won’t be held accountable for them at any point of your move.

4.      Hire your movers as soon as possible

As most people tend to wonder when the best time to hire your movers is, the answer is – as soon as you figure out your moving date. At least 4-6 weeks before your move is the best time to give your movers a call, as moving companies get booked fast and there might not be a slot left for your move to take place on the day of your choosing. It is never too soon to give your movers a call and reserve a spot with them, especially if you are planning on moving on a weekend or by the end of the month – as this is when most people are looking to move for obvious reasons.

5.      Provide your moving company with a list of items

During the packing phase of your move, it is important to make a complete list of items to ensure that nothing is forgotten during your move – and that you can easily keep track of your valuables. When you have completed your list of items, it might be smart to email your moving company and provide them with it, so they can prepare for your move in the best possible manner and have your list of items on hand on the day of your move. It is a small step that will definitely be worth it, as it will contribute to the smoothness of your move and efficiency of the moving service delivered to you.

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